June 28, 2017

แมลงอบกรอบไฮโซ ได้ร่วมบริจาคสิ่งของและผลิตภัณฑ์ ให้กับบ้านชาโลม

June 28, 2017

แมลงอบกรอบไฮโซ ได้ร่วมบริจาคสิ่งของและผลิตภัณฑ์ ให้กับบ้านโฮมฮก

June 28, 2017

แมลงอบกรอบไฮโซได้ร่วมบริจาคเครื่องมือตัดถ่าง ให้กับป่อเต็กตึ๊งเมืองสมุทรสาคร สำโรง


Hiso Crispy Roasted Insect (Silkworm in Original Flavor)

With pepper, salt and soy sauce as ingredients, which are common for fried insects from street shops, our product enables you to experience the conventional taste of fried insects.

Hiso Crispy Roasted Insect (Silkworm in BBQ Flavor)

Spicy BBQ in the original Mexican style bring to you the flavor and aroma of Mexico the land of grilled foods. Mexican foods are just great and if you like hot and spicy flavor in Mexican style, you will definitely love this product!

Hiso Crispy Roasted Insect (Silkworm in Cheese Flavor)

Rich flavor and aroma of cheese make many people fall in love with cheese. Now, cheese lovers will love cheese even more because cheese can be added to any food to make the food become more aromatic. Since cheese has become a part of Thai gastronomy, we cannot overlook it. We just put cheese into a packet with insects and see what will happen!



The production department of the Company uses effective production methods with quality that has been certified with international standards that the Company has. In addition, the Company also uses modern machines and innovations that fit the 4.0 era.

Human Resource

The Company always enhances the HR management and development systems to be capable and efficient in actions.

About Us

Smile Bull Marketing Company Limited was established on 6th December 2013 by Mr. Thatnat Chanthatham. In 2015, the Company expanded the market by distributed products through the modern trade channel under the ‘Hiso Fried Insect’ brand; and in that year, Hiso Fried Insect began to be publicly known through the SME Tee Tak TV program and many other programs.