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Why Malang Aob Grob Hiso is dry?

Because we use roast instead of fried to press oil and humidity out of insects and for a long storage period, and also good for health because didn’t use frying oil and didn’t  lose the nutrition

How long of storage?

Malang Aob Grob Hiso can storage for 1 year

What standard that Malang Aob Grob Hiso have?

Malang Aob Grob Hiso have FDA and GMP standard

Where we took the insects from?

use closed farm system and have breeding insects standard. Also, we have our own insects farm

What is different between roast and fried ?

Pro of roast is extend shelf life, good to health, have fat less than fried because didn’t use frying oil and didn’t lose the nutrition

Where we can buy this product?

You can find it at 711 , TESCO LOTUS,TOPS market,Jiffy,Villa Market,Gourmet Market,Mini Bigc,Bigc,home fresh mart,max mart,Foodland,Makro,Family mart

Did shrimp allergy can eat?

May be can and can not because insect have chitin, and it can find at shells of shellfish, crab, squid and insects. Because the insects have DNA that be similar to shrimp, shell, and crab.

How do you know that you are insect allergy?

For people who never eat insects before, you can try in a few amount and rest for 10-15 minutes. If don’t have itching or allergic so you can eat. For people who eat and have itching, rash, nasal, swollen mouth, swelling nausea vomiting or diarrhea the caused is your body is sensitive to this substance, so it made body release histamine substance out. The basic sure is eat anti-histamine medicine or exercise it also help to decrease the allergic

Malang Aob Grob Hiso have any insects and flavors?

Currently we have 2 insects there are larva roast framed and house cricket roast framed. And have 5 flavors there are original, cheese, sea weed, and tom yum.

What is house cricket?

House cricket is a insects in the same race with gryllidae, but it have smaller size than normal cricket

What is original flavor?

White soy sauce and pepper, like normally

Did kid or pregnant women can eat Malang Aob Grob Hiso?

Should be avoid or eat with few amount, or consult a doctor

How Malang Aob Grob Hiso is different form other?

Malang Aob Grob Hiso is clean, safe, and passed FDA inspection and easy to buy