Production Process

  1. The total space of the factory is 1,287 sq. m., 295 sq. m. of which is for the production of products.
  2. Main materials that are currently used are pupas of silkworms and small crickets (Acheta domestica).
  3. Variety Packages come in 3 sizes: 5 grams, 8 grams and 15 grams.
  4. The boxes for wholesale come in two sizes as follows: the 6 pack-box and the 10 pack-box (1 pack has 6 packets).

5. The four flavors for sale are as follows:

  1. Original Flavor,
  2. BBQ Flavor,
  3. Cheese Flavor, and
  4. Seaweed Flavor.

6. The production department is divided into internal units as follows:

  1. Washing Unit,
  2. Seasoning and Packaging Unit,
  3. Packing Unit, and
  4. Support Unit (Production Management and Production Administration).

7. The workforce of the production department for 1 shift is around 28 personnel.

8. Production Flow Process

Examples of the Production Process

Employees’ Outfits

Employees must wear provided outfits, including hair covering hats and masks.
All employees must walk through Air Shower Room before entering the production area.

Employees must wash hands with water and soap before rinsing with napkin paper until the hands are dry and washing the hands again with alcohol from automatic disposing machines.

Examples of the Selection of Materials by Sizes, Elimination of Materials Not Meet the Standards before Production Process

Examples of the Packaging of Products in Packets with Automatic Machine